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Crucial Elements Your Homepage Must Have

Crucial Elements Your Homepage- Dabre Marketing

38% of visitors will stop engaging with your website if the content is unattractive and 44% will leave your website if they don’t find what they are looking for.

You only have one chance to make a first impression. That’s why your homepage is the most important page of your site. According to Adobe, 38% of visitors will stop engaging with your website if the content is unattractive and 44% will leave your website if they don’t find what they are looking for. So, what are the crucial elements that you need to include on your homepage? That can vary from industry to industry, but there are many crucial elements that every homepage needs to have.

1.- Logo / Business Name

The first thing your visitors should see is your logo. Heat map testing tools indicate that top-left is the best spot to place your logo. Make sure you have plenty of negative space surrounding your logo, so it stands out.

2.-Navigation Bar

Make sure your navigation is at the top of your website and make it easy to understand and find what they’re looking for. Less is more.

3.- Headline

Your homepage needs to tell your visitors what your business has to offer within 3 seconds. A good headline is the most important piece of copy on your website.

4.- Contact Information

Your visitor should be able to find your contact information easily on your homepage in case they need to call you or send you an email. Visitors will leave your site if they don’t find your contact information.

5.- List of Services / Products

It is very important to have a list of your top services or products. You don’t have to include a complete description of your product or service, a sentence or 2 explaining your service or product with a read more link should be good enough.

6.- Call to Action

Tell your visitors what action do you want them to take next. It could be “Call Us TODAY”, “Fill out this form”, Subscribe to our newsletter”, etc.

7.- High-quality images

Try to use your own pictures. Nowadays, you can find plenty of images related to your business, some of them are free and some of them you will need to pay for the license. Although some of these pictures are great, we recommend using your own photos. It will help you build credibility.

8.- Social Media Links

Social media is a powerful indicator of trust, especially if you have a lot of followers and good reviews.

9.- Success Stories, Awards and Recognitions.

This will help you build a good first impression. People will not trust your company unless they hear it from other people.

These are only a few elements that your website needs. There are other important elements that you need to consider for your homepage like videos, promotions, giveaways, etc.

We hope you’ve got some ideas for your homepage. Does your homepage have all these elements? Remember that your website should be generating sales and leads for your business. If your website is not working for you, let us help you.

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